From a very young age, I always knew that makeup was my passion. As a child, I remember watching my mother do her makeup and I was so mesmerized by the way she was able to transform herself. Not that she needed it, but the way that she simply enhanced her natural beauty was so inspiring to me.  

The foundation and mission of Beauty Enhanced by LaRhonda is to ensure that every drop of your beauty is enhanced, while providing an unparalleled, completely personalized experience.  

It would be my honor to enhance your beauty! 

Because, DARLIN', you're already beautiful!


LaRhonda made my mother and I look absolutely stunning for my mom's wedding reception. She took looks we sent and made them her own. I'm proud to say my beauty was enhanced by LaRhonda 

My makeup was done for an outdoor family portrait session. The make up session was pleasant, affordable, and prompt. I was very happy with my look and felt so beautiful that day...I did not want to wash my face that night. I was so glad to meet a local makeup artist I trust and would hire again.

I really loved the work that LaRhonda did for me and my wedding party. She was very professional and she's such a sweet spirit. She made me and my girls look like a million bucks for my wedding day. She was really a God sent and I am thankful I came across her profile.

- Ashley

- Kaonu

- Kira 



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